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NIR Blocking Filter - Near Infrared Filters

Near Infrared filters provide a high level of visible light transmission whilst blocking infra-red radiation. Typical applications are blocking NIR emissions from displays such as PDP that interfere with infra-red communication devices and protection for LCD displays from the sunís infra-red radiation.

The NIR filter also provides EMI shielding and protection for displays in direct sunlight to continue working.

The NIR film is a transparent conductive PET film that has been sputter coated to combine block both harmful UV radiation and electromagnetic interference.

Product format

●   Precision cut parts by zero width CNC process from stock rolls

●   As a fully laminated filter between glass or polycarbonate

●   Or as an additional filter within another custom laminated window specification

Optical Performance

The properties of the NIR filter are >70% visible light transmission and >90% Infra-red  rejection at 850nm increasing to 95% from 950nm.



● Near Infra Red is effectively cut due to an amalgamation of blocking and reflecting of transmission above 800nm

● Very low surface resistance of 2 Ohms per square gives a practical level of EMI shielding

● High visible transmission 60 - 65% with minimal colour shift.

● Neutral colour is a contrast enhancement aid for image visibility

● Coating has very strong resistance to corrosion that is a frailty of silver based conductive films

Design options

 Custom optical laminations in glass and HB fire rated polycarbonate. Various thicknesses available.

  EMI shielding with laminated EmiClare mesh or ITO coated glass/ acrylic.

●  Privacy and contrast enhancement filters.

Other Products

●  AgF8 silver coated polyester. This has a lower level of Infrared reflection than the NIR film but is an easy to fit solution with EMI/RFI shielding.

●  Infra-red transmittance filters that absorb the entire visible spectrum.