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      VisionTek is a leading supplier of specialist optical coatings, filters and materials for visual enhancement, protection and electromagnetic screening of electronic displays of all types. VisionTek has over 40 years experience in supplying optical products.  VisionTek also offers a free of charge sample and consultancy service.

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Display filters

Wherever there is an information display or a viewing aperture which requires a window or a filter, VisionTek System's products will be needed. With our strong technical expertise and flexible manufacturing process, we can create a solution to meet all of your window requirements.


Display filters

Optical laminating

VisionTek System's key resources are dry film laminating and CNC machining of glass and plastic materials. All of our laminated windows are assembled under strict clean room conditions, in accordance with the Optical Standard OIS/4. Our future is based on technical excellence, quality, customer service and reliability.


Optical laminating

Transparent Conductive Products

Visiontek offers a full range of ITO coated glass, PET and PEN films, and ITO coated polycarbonate. Plus a full range of FTO coated glass. We also offer patterned ITO and FTO coated products



Emi shielded windows

In response to the requirements of modern displays, Visiontek Systems offer the EmiClare range of emi-shielded windows, optimised for total performance.

Optical filters



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